Can you be successful if you don’t even know what success is?

Most people just go through their days without any real clear plan. They go through the motions, show up where they are supposed to be (usually), and then after many years wonder how they got to where they are. Would you consider this a success?

How would you define “success”? What does it look like for you? I ask you about those things here in this short video.

What is the definition of success?

After watching this video, I want to ask you some more questions. First, if you are an educator, do you teach your students what success looks like? Or do you just tell them that success is a good grade? Is that sufficient? Or should we be teaching them something different about the definition of success?

Second, for you personally, what does “success” mean? What does it look like? How do you know if you have achieved success? Is it just for small items, like “I was successful in my trip to the grocery store today”, or do you look at your life as a whole? Are they both equally important?

My goal here is to draw attention to the fact that we can learn a lot about ourselves by how we approach these types of questions. And we can also have more of an impact – not just on our students and families, but on everyone we meet – if we define success in a personally meaningful way.

It’s your turn

In the comments below, please tell us about your definition of success, or at least what you think it looks like. And please share how you can/do talk to your students about success. And then please share this post on social media, and with other people in your life who you think would benefit by thinking about these important questions! Thanks!

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